Photography & Video Rules

By accessing the festival grounds, you conform yourself to the rules below! In case these rules allow room for interpretation, the final decision will be made by members of Staff, Security and Stewards.

Taking pictures during Luminosity events.


The Luminosity events are a marvelous opportunity for photographers. The venue and its visitors form a colourful and stylish mix favoured by many photographers. There are however a few rules and regulations in effect meant to keep things fun and within boundaries.

Below you will find our rules regarding making a photographical registration of the festival, how people need to interact with photographers and vice versa.
A difference will be made between objects and people.

Authorization must be formally granted for video recording and for the use of pictures and photographs. If you are planning to bring professional equipment to the event it’s required to formally ask permission to Luminosity Events Foundation.

A) Venue and objects

1) It is PROHIBITED to record the following locations and people before, during and after the event in any way:

B) People.

You as a visitor of our festival are considered a special object of interest and a keen subject for photographers. Some of you don't have any problems with that, others just want to relax.

1) Visitors turned photographer are usually recognisable through their official visitor's wristband. This wristband is worn on the right wrist, as specified by the house rules.

If this is not the case and the photographer in question is on festival grounds please warn Security and/or a Staff member or a steward.

When in doubt, always warn Security and/or a Staff member or a steward, even outside festival grounds.

2) Most professional and semi-professional photographers keep a stock of business cards at the ready: make sure you get one.
When someone needs to be spoken to about his/her manners or lack thereof, data like that can prove quite valuable.

3) Make yourself clear on whether you want to be photographed or not. If the photographer insists or takes pictures regardless of what you indicate, warn Security and/or a Staff member, or a steward.

4) Portrait rights are personal, but only becomes an issue when the picture is going to be published. This is an important difference compared to just snapping a picture and then leaving it unpublished.

You can however resist photography of your person on grounds of privacy.

A photographer has in this matter no right to take a picture, this right has to be given each and every time someone wants to take a picture.

You can deny publication in any way, including the Internet due to Portrait Rights.

The photographer can't publish the work unless permission has been given by the subject and Luminosity Events Foundation.

Keep in mind: what's been published on the internet, usually stays on the Internet, for an indefenate period of time.

Luminosity Events Foundation and its members are not liable in any way for infractions on Portrait Rights as mentioned in Dutch Copyright Law 1912, article 19-21.

Staff and co-workers of Luminosity Events Foundation are an exception to these rules.
They are allowed to use and publish any photo’s made by photographers.

The organization reserves any right to use, edit and publish photo’s made by photographers without financial compensations.